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China’s share in Kazakh wheat export to reach 15-20% in 5 years

Nurlan Ospanov, Chairman of the Kazakh Grain Union: “Kazakhstani grain exporters are constantly in search of markets and optimal routes for delivering products to consumers. We are also working to improve the quality of exported products and establish a fair price for our products. The Chinese market is very attractive to us b ecause it is a huge solvent market and relatively low transportation costs associated with close logistics.The volume of wheat supplied to China today is approximately 5.5% of the total export of Kazakhstan wheat. According to our estimates, over the next 5 years, it will be 15-20% of our total wheat export.”

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Association of legal entities "Kazakh Grain Union" was created on November 2, 1995. Union is a non-profit organization.

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The "Astyk Service" Consortium unites the largest Kazakh operators in the field of transportation and export of grain and agricultural products.

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Futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for soft red winter wheat (SRW)