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Waste collection in Kazakhstan: rates are halved 05.05.2022 в 12:18 17 просмотров

By order of the Acting Minister of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources dated April 29, 2022, changes were made to the Methods for calculating the utilization payment, reports.
In particular, the utilization payment coefficients for motor vehicles and self-propelled agricultural machinery have been halved.
Clarifications have also been made to the types and categories of vehicles in respect of which the utilization payment is calculated.

Now the rates for cars, including those with increased cross-country ability, as well as agricultural equipment, including tractors and combines, will amount to 50 MCI (153,150 tenge).

In this case, for passenger cars, the coefficient is applied:

  • for electric vehicles - 0;

with engine displacement:

  • up to 1,000 cubic meters cm - 1.5;
  • from 1,001 cubic meters cm up to 2,000 cu. cm - 3.5;
  • from 2,001 cubic meters cm up to 3,000 cu. cm - 5;
  • over 3,001 cubic meters cm - 11.5.

The current rate assumes a fee for cars from 459 thousand tenge to 3 million 522 thousand tenge, depending on the engine size.

According to the new rates from May 14, the amount of scrap for cars will be from 229 thousand tenge to 1 million 761 thousand tenge.

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