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Tenge and euro strengthened against the dollar, wheat in Russia is getting cheaper 27.10.2022 в 11:01 38 просмотров

The exchange rate of the national currency of Kazakhstan strengthened against the dollar at the KASE auction on Wednesday, October 26, amounting to 470.87 per $1 (minus 1.76 tenge). Recall that on this day, the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan decided to raise the base rate from 14.5% to 16% per annum.

The European currency also strengthened against the dollar, for the first time in a long time being more expensive than the American one: the EUR/USD ratio was 1.0022 (plus 0.0042).

Almaty exchangers ask for 474 tenge for 1 dollar, 475 tenge for 1 euro, 7.4 tenge for 1 ruble.

Bitcoin showed a serious growth, rising by 4.77% in a day, to $ 20,761.

Brent crude is also getting more expensive, during the day the futures for January 2023 rose by 2.5% to $94 per barrel.

World wheat prices remain stable, with December futures at $8.38 per bushel (plus 0.5%) on the US stock exchange.

Meanwhile, in Russia, the cost of a ton of wheat for a week fell by 250 rubles, as reported by the analytical center "SovEcon". Now the third class costs up to 12,675 rubles, and the fourth - 11,900. Export prices (FOB) dropped from $328 to $322.5 per ton.

Experts report that as of October 20, the Russian Federation has collected 148.1 million tons of grain (bunker weight). In 2021, on this date, the harvest amounted to 115.9 million tons. 104.2 million tons of wheat were received (77.4 million tons in 2021).

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