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Oilseed reserves in Kazakhstan amount to 1.4 million tons 19.04.2022 в 15:12 76 просмотров

As of April 1, 2022, the total stocks of oilseeds in Kazakhstan were estimated at 1.41 million tons. Including 1.292 million tons are food, 69.6 thousand tons of seeds and 48.11 thousand tons of fodder. It is reported by with reference to the Bureau of National Statistics.

Of these: 28.08 thousand tons are available in crop-growing organizations, 230.8 thousand tons in oils and fats producers, 55.53 thousand tons in wholesale trade organizations, 221.5 thousand tons in peasant (farm) enterprises thousand tons, from other legal entities - 867.1 thousand tons.

The volume of stocks of sunflower seeds as of April 1 amounted to 617 thousand tons (including food - 595.2 thousand tons, seed - 13.2 thousand tons, fodder - 8.5 thousand tons), safflower seeds - 44 .7 thousand tons, rape seeds - 133.27 thousand tons, soybeans - 58.34 thousand tons, flax seeds - 537.77 thousand tons, mustard seeds - 7.54 thousand tons, camelina seeds - 3 .16 thousand tons, cotton seeds - 8.33 thousand tons.

Recall that as of January 1, oilseed stocks in Kazakhstan amounted to 1.836 million tons.

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