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Companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan are ready to accept agricultural machinery for disposal free of charge 24.05.2022 в 15:38 44 просмотра

Kazakh companies are ready to accept agricultural machinery and heavy vehicles for recycling free of charge. This was stated by representatives of the Union of Industrialists of Secondary Metallurgy and the Namys party, World of NAN reports with reference to KazTAG.

“We offer a zero rate for agricultural machinery, a zero rate for heavy vehicles, dump trucks and so on, with payment from us (the state - KazTAG) of a recycling fee, but reasonable. Not these millions of incomprehensible. We are ready to pay for agricultural machinery and for the simplest dump truck - T150 thousand. For cars, it is up to us how we will agree with the government, ”Vladimir Dvoretsky, chairman of the Republican Union of Industrialists of Secondary Metallurgy, said at a press conference on Monday.

According to experts, the recycling of agricultural machinery is quite a profitable business, which means that there is no need to force farmers to pay a scrap fee for new equipment.

“The scheme will work simply: the farmer wants to renew his fleet, he wants to buy new equipment without waste collection, he tells us “here I have it, take it”, we pick it up, give paper that the machine, this agricultural equipment, has been disposed of and transfer it to the state for it certain money. That is, the agrarian receives new equipment without a waste collection, the state receives a certain waste collection from us for the equipment that we actually utilize, and we receive a business project. That is, jobs and income,” Dvoretsky explained.

According to the proposed scheme, the company's equipment collected from farmers will be dismantled and sold to metallurgical plants.

The experts stressed that the Kazakhstani scrap fee for agricultural machinery leads to its rise in price by 20-25%, which in turn provokes an increase in food prices for the end consumer.

“We have clear, tough, well-founded arguments, if the government does not cancel the scrappage fee for agricultural machinery within a month, we will defend this right in court and prove the illegal, lobbying actions of all high-ranking officials,” said Sanzhar Bokaev, leader of the Namys party.

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