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Tenge falls, Afghanistan switches to Russian wheat 16.06.2022 в 15:27 119 просмотров

The exchange rate of the national currency of Kazakhstan against the dollar at the KASE trades on Wednesday, June 15, fell by 2.48 tenge to 438.58 per $1. The exchange rate against the Russian currency was 7.7317 tenge per 1 ruble.

Exchangers in Almaty on the morning of June 16 asking for 1 dollar 444 tenge, for 1 euro 465 tenge, for 1 ruble 7.3 tenge.

The price of bitcoin has strengthened by 3.5% per day, but at the same time, the digital asset costs less than $22,000. On the morning of June 16, they offer $21,971.4 for it. The drop for the week was 27.5%.

Brent crude fell 2.69% overnight to $121.83 per barrel.

July futures for wheat in the US after a long decline rose by 0.62% to $10.56 per bushel.

Meanwhile, Deputy Head of the Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mirwais Hotak, who arrived at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, said that the delegation plans to purchase 2 million tons of wheat from Russia. It should be reminded that in recent years, Afghanistan has been the only major market for flour sales for flour millers in Kazakhstan, taking about 1.5 million tons in the best seasons. It seems that Kazakhstan will have competition in the face of its own flour mill, working on Russian grain.

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