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360 USD/ton - the decline in the export price of wheat in the Russian Federation continues 15.07.2022 в 15:01 27 просмотров

The export price of Russian wheat continues its downward adjustment for the third week in a row.

According to the Union of Grain Exporters, the TASS agency reports, the decrease is recorded against the backdrop of harvesting and positive forecasts for the gross grain harvest from both Russian experts and USDA analysts.

Thus, over the past week, the price of wheat with a protein content of 12.5% ​​fell to $360/ton, with a protein content of 11.5% - to $345/ton.

Experts note that the quadripartite meeting on the "grain corridor" held in Istanbul the day before with the participation of delegations from Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and UN representatives did not affect the price of wheat.

It should be noted that the export duty of wheat in the Russian Federation, which is now calculated in rubles, has increased to 5,559 rubles per ton.

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