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Production of liquid fertilizers will be launched in Kazakhstan 21.07.2022 в 15:01 27 просмотров

Bravo Chemicals plans to launch the production of liquid complex fertilizers (LCF) next year. In May 2020, the company opened the first plant in Kazakhstan for the production of UAN (carbamide-ammonia mixtures) in Kokshetau. Popular liquid products are made from Kazphosphate blends and raw materials from other suppliers.

Now Bravo Chemicals produces at the plant in Kokshetau CAS according to five formularies - CAS 32, CAS 30, CAS 28, CAS S and CAS KPS.

“From 2023, we will also begin full-fledged production of domestic HCS - liquid complex fertilizers. These are forms 1034 and 1137, nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizers. In addition, we are considering options for adding a potassium component for potassium-loving crops - potatoes, sugar beets and sunflowers. Also in 2023, we will expand the geography of our presence in order to be more accessible to customers and reduce the time of delivery of goods to the base or to the fields. We will cover the farms of the North Kazakhstan and East Kazakhstan regions,” Anton Tolmachev, General Director of Bravo Chemicals, told

Liquid fertilizers are suitable for farming in arid conditions. UAN and FCF practically do not require additional moisture to start assimilation by plants, while granules in drought conditions, absorbing soil moisture, can limit its availability for plants, reduce growth rate, germination energy, and generally adversely affect yields.

At the same time, liquid fertilizers are universal, they are used for all types of crops - row crops, cereals and whole grains. And their use is possible both in autumn and in spring.

Bravo Chemicals not only offers its products, but also provides farmers with all the information they need to work - how to most effectively apply UAN, in what dosages, at what phases of plant development. The company plans to develop a production network throughout the country, as well as organize a series of training seminars for farmers. The issue of equipment for soil application of UANs is also being resolved.

“We have huge plans for the development of the service, the re-equipment of seeders, cultivators, the installation of additional components, which will allow here and now, in the process of sowing, tillage, to apply liquid fertilizers without loss,” said Anton Tolmachev.

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