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Cereals sown according to the new method are harvested in Kostanay 26.07.2022 в 14:35 37 просмотров

Agrarians of the Kostanay region have already taken to the fields to harvest an early harvest. So far, only one farm near Arkalyk is working in an unusual time frame for the region. Last year, farmers planted two thousand hectares of winter crops, according to World of NAN, citing Khabar 24.

Brothers Sergey and Dmitry Gertner have been engaged in agriculture for more than 20 years. Wheat is grown in the Arkalyk region, one of the driest regions of the Kostanay region. In recent years, drought has been destroying crops there. And the average yield does not exceed 5 centners per hectare. Therefore, the farmers decided to use a new technology for them - winter crops.

“It is with this technology that we are currently working on that no one works in Kazakhstan. 2 thousand in the winter in our region no one sowed. This has not happened. The result is obvious. We worked well. Everyone says experiment. But we have already treated this from a scientific point of view. We were already confident in our result,” says farmer Sergei Gertner.

The sowing campaign was carried out in mid-November last year. Sow domestic seeds. The main condition - to sow in cold soil - was met. Now they are harvesting. Harvesters have never been in the fields so early.

Under good climatic conditions, and for the Arkalyk region it is rain in May, such a field can produce up to 40 centners per hectare. There was no rain this year. And so there will be only about 20 centners. But for this region, this figure is remarkable. Therefore, the Arkalyk farmers intend to expand the sown areas for winter crops. Brothers Gertner want to bring up to 10 thousand hectares.

“According to experts, it is impossible to completely switch to winter crops. This is very risky. Since there is a possibility that the expected harvest may not be obtained. For example, if there is little snow and heat in winter, then wheat can germinate and then die,” comments Ruslan Kuletov, head of the agriculture department in Arkalyk.

As for the mass harvesting of grain, it will begin in Arkalyk after August 20. Last year, local farmers received an average of four and a half centners per hectare. This season, the forecast is more favorable - at least eight centners.

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