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Kazakhstan exported $1 billion 21.7 million worth of wheat in January - July, most of the volume - $635.5 million – was sold to Central Asian countries. Wheat flour or wheat-rye flour for the same period went abroad in the amount of $365.3 million. This is reported by the Center for the Development of Trade Policy QazTrade.

Wheat accounted for 62.6% of all agricultural exports. At the same time, the increase in prices had a positive impact on trade indicators in monetary terms.

In particular, the sale of wheat increased by 42.1% - for seven months of 2021, it was sold for $ 719.2 million. Sales of flax seeds abroad increased by 81.8% - from $122.6 million to $222.8 million, sunflower seeds by 79.3% - from $50.2 million to $90.1 million, dried legume vegetables by 84.6% - from $21.4 million to $39.6 million).

At the same time, barley exports decreased by 39.3% - from $134.4 million to $81.5 million.

In general, raw exports of agricultural products since the beginning of the year amounted to $1 billion 632.5 million, increasing year-on-year by 25.8% (for 7 months of 2021 - $ 1 billion 297.2 million).

Non-primary exports of agricultural products grew even faster - by 73.6%. For seven months, it amounted to $1 billion 308.1 million against $753.4 million for the same period in 2021.

Shipments of flour increased from $208.5 million to $365.3 million (75.2%), sunflower oil - from $64.6 million to $210 million (3.2 times), margarine from $10.1 million to $68 million (an increase of 6.7 times), pasta from $33.6 million to $45.6 million (35.8%).

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