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11-11.5 thousand rubles/ton - the price of wheat in Siberia and the Urals of the Russian Federation 06.12.2022 в 15:04 36 просмотров

Wheat prices in the domestic market of Russia last week changed in different directions.

So, according to the analytical center "Rusagrotrans", wheat with 12.5% protein on the basis of EXW elevator:

  • in the south, it fell by 250 rubles - up to 12,200 - 12,600 rubles/ton (excluding VAT);
  • in the Center, prices remained unchanged - 10,800 -12,600 rubles/ton;
  • in the Volga region - a small increase, on average by 100 rubles per ton - 11-11,7 thousand rubles/ton;
  • in Siberia, whose farmers are waiting for the price tag support from Kazakhstan, the increase is more significant, by 400 rubles - up to 10-11 thousand rubles /ton. Note that the current price tag corresponds to the August level;
  • in the Urals, wheat has risen in price by three thousand rubles at once - up to 11,500 rubles/ton (excluding VAT).

According to Russian analysts, during the reporting period, export prices of wheat of the Russian Federation with 12.5% protein with delivery in December fluctuated at the level of $ 313-317/ton, purchase prices in deep-water ports amounted to 14 500-14 700 rubles/ton (without VAT), at low water - 12 700 rubles/ton (without VAT).

It should be noted that the export duty of wheat of the Russian Federation is growing for the second week in a row.

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