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The Ministry of Agriculture intends to increase the yield of wheat to 20 c 02.02.2023 в 15:57 31 просмотр

The updated draft Concept for the development of the agro-industrial complex until 2030 was considered at a meeting chaired by the Prime Minister, the World of NAN reports with reference to the Government's press service.

Among the main objectives of the Concept: increasing labor productivity in the industry by 2 times, increasing agricultural exports by 3 times, as well as self-sufficiency in all foodstuffs at the level of at least 90%. It is also planned to increase the volume of investments in fixed assets of agriculture by an average of 2.5 times.

In particular, measures will be taken to increase the yield of wheat to 20 c/ha by subsidizing the purchase of seeds and modernization of seed farms. It is planned to increase the area of irrigated lands to 3 million hectares by the specified date, and the level of mineral fertilizers application to 40%. At the same time, the rate of renewal of agricultural machinery should reach 7% thanks to preferential leasing and other state support measures.

In animal husbandry, emphasis will be placed on the introduction of modern breeding methods, stimulation of forage production, development of pasture infrastructure and an increase in the number of agricultural animals in general.

In order to increase the volume of exports of domestic products, work will be carried out to expand the list of Kazakhstani enterprises in foreign registers of suppliers. This will increase exports to $9.9 billion. In general, by 2030, more than 1.7 thousand investment projects with a total value of 4.5 trillion tenge are planned to be implemented in all sectors of agriculture, which will significantly increase the export potential of the republic.

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