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Kazakhstan harvested over 19 mln tonnes of grains — Ministry of Agriculture 28.10.2019 в 10:39 714 просмотров

As of October 28, Kazakh agrarians harvested grains and pulses throughout the areas of 15.2 mln ha, or 99.5% of the plan (15.274 mln ha), reported the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

At the same time, the production volumes of grains totaled 19.389 mln tonnes (in 2018 — 22.52 mln tonnes), with the average yield of 1.28 t/ha (1.5 t/ha).

In particular, the following oblasts of the country became the leaders in grain production: Akmola oblast — 5 mln tonnes (99.3% of the planned areas), North Kazakhstan oblast — 4.775 mln tonnes (99.6%), and Kostanay oblast — 3.003 mln tonnes (the harvesting works were completed).

Also, Almaty oblast harvested more than 1 mln tonnes of grains — 1.265 mln tonnes (94.9%). At the same time, to date Almaty oblast demonstrated the highest share of unharvested areas in the country.

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